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#DevDive 1 ~ INTRO & ITEMS

Updated: Oct 21

In this first edition of our very own take on Developer Blogs—the Deivos' #DevDives—we're going to start off by noting how hyped we are to have hit this huge internal milestone which allows us to share more of our wild new world. The fact we're even here creating our first public post about our upcoming Mobile & PC Cross-play MMORPG is getting us amped to work harder than ever.

And trust: the team has been busy.

These posts are going to be held every week or so, taking in consideration the size of the announcements, and will be aimed at exploring every aspect of our game. The ever expanding world of Azakelis and its history; the player builds and all that will be offered to them; the client and its GUI—and much more will be touched on as we continue to push for our first public testing in late 2022.

So as to not further delay this first edition post, we would like to remind readers to keep this unique piece of info in mind: all #DevDives will have something hidden within that will either serve as an extra teaser or numerous other surprises, and some will even be interactive.

Now we begin.


As voted within our Supporters "Inner Sanctum," we're going to kick off our first dive with explaining a bit more about the Items that can be found in The Deivos Shards: Azakelis, and also the rarity system behind it. The first glimpse the world got to see was in a recent Discord announcement—specifically this photo below (now with a small refresh and different item selected for the purpose of this post).

In this game, loot is one of the most important aspects for all types of players. Be it a casual who wants to look cool; a competitive player looking to find the best combo; or a collector who wants to hunt down every last one of our thousands of items, there's always a reason to double check those little or big bags that drop from a disintegrating body of an opponent.

Finding items in the world of Azakelis can be easy and difficult. Numerous items like Materials and Sources can be found by simply scavenging the bushes or searching containers. Other items like Weapons and Aegis may only be found through hunting specific monsters or aiding a Setter in need. With chests to be found in scattered ruins and lost relics to fall upon by chance, let's take a closer look at the identifiers you'll be seeing, presented with Loot Bags from fallen enemies.

While this category itself can be further explained in greater depth, we're going to stick to the basics of what players will be presented early on in the game. Starting from the left to right in the image above:

  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare items are most likely to be dropped by Mobs or the usual Foraging

  • Rare items, along with Legendary, are most likely to be found from chests, Elite Mobs, and quests.

  • Radiant items are extremely rare and difficult to acquire, more often only from Boss Mobs and events.

Every single item type in the following list below will have follow the same Rarity list as above:

  • [Paper-doll] Masks/Helmets, Aegis, Weapons, and Shields. These items are equipable and change your appearance.

  • Flux Runes. 1 slot per Ascension (max. 2). These items are equipable and determine the element of your Flux abilities and respective hands glow according to element of rune.

  • Support Items. These items are useable, some stackable, and can be assigned to the Quick Slots for fast use on self, party members, or selected areas.

  • Food. These items are stackable, useable, and can be assigned to the Quick Slots for fast use.

  • Materials & Resources. Most of these items are stackable, some useable, and are used for either constructing, upgrading, selling, trading, and more.

  • Key Items. These items are unique and are stored in your Key Items section of your Bag. They cannot be dropped, sold, moved, or traded. They can only be used for their hidden intended purposes.

Some rarity levels can even be improved depending on the item itself, and every method will be different. One such item is a Goliath Build's best friend, the Buster Blade.

The Rare variant of the Buster Blade is acquired early on through a quest, players will have to discover the long road to upgrading this weapon by exploring extremely dangerous dungeons that will have even the most hardened players on the edges of there seats. While this is just the first look into the game's mechanics, albeit briefly, the doors are now open for loads more info to come. Don't be afraid to ask as well! We are always open to answering any question we can in our Discord Server, which is where you can also get the first heads up for our next development post.

We will make sure email notifications are up and running as well for the next installation of our Devios' #DevDive, so be sure to drop your email and hit that subscribe button in the form below. Who knows, there may even be some extra stuff coming in for subs... Until then,

Seek the light.

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